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Assignment Management Services

  • Departure home management – Oxxford can manage the employee’s departure home while the employee is on assignment. Services include vacant home management, financial services management and tenancy management.
  • Career development – Oxxford can work with the client to insure that the employee maintains ongoing communication with the responsible management overseeing the employee’s move. This is important for the employee to feel “attached” to his organization. Additionally, spouse/partner career assistance can be arranged before, during and/or after the assignment in order to maintain job availability.
  • Mentoring program – Oxxford can work with the client to arrange a mentor program or each international assignment employee. Mentor programs help employees to remain connected with their applicable business units.
  • Crisis management – Oxxford has multiple relationships with crisis management companies to assist in protecting employees and their families while on international assignments. Many different options, including extraction are considered and implemented as needed.
  • Security – Oxxford can work with clients to arrange for security services as needed in countries where necessary.
  • Tax equalization and preparation – Oxxford works with clients and their tax partner to provide information before, during and after an assignment. Client policy dictates what methodology will be used to calculate income and taxes owed for various countries the employee is living in and traveling to during their assignment.