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Departure Services

  • Home marketing assistance – Oxxford’s experienced counselor works with the employee to create a marketing strategy with the primary objective to sell the employee’s house at the best price and in the shortest time.
  • Homesale Assistance – Oxxford’s experienced counselor and trusted partner will administer the home sale benefit as defined in your mobility policy. Most common home sale programs are “Direct Reimbursement”, “Guaranteed Buyout Offer or GBO”, “Amended Value or AV” and Buyer Value Option or BVO”.

    • Direct Reimbursement – The employee markets the house, negotiates offer and signs the purchase agreement with the buyer. The company does not guarantee a value of the employee’s house or purchase it. Normal and customary home sale expenses are reimbursed after the house closes.
    • Guaranteed Buyout offer or GBO – The home is purchased from the employee at an amount determined from relocation appraisals and resold to an outside buyer. 
    • Amended Value or AV – Usually occurs when a “Guaranteed Buyout Offer” has been extended and the employee receives a higher offer from an outside buyer. The “Guaranteed Buyout Offer” is “Amended” to reflect the outside buyer’s higher offer.
    • Buyer Value Option or BVO – This program is similar to the “Amended Value” program; however, no appraisals are obtained and no initial offer is made to the employee. The employee markets the house and the value of the house is established from an outside buyer. Once an outside sale is negotiated, Oxxford purchases the home from the employee at the sales price and closes the home with the buyer.
  • Lease termination – Oxxford’s experienced counselor explains the lease termination benefit as defined in your mobility policy and guides the employee through the process to obtain the benefit.