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Mobility Program Review and Policy Development

Oxxford has the expertise to review and or create mobility programs which deliver precise policy provisions that support both talent retention and recruitment objectives.

Oxxford’s philosophy towards policy and program review and development is to first ask questions and listen from our present and future clients:

  • What is the corporate culture towards business and employees, and what changes are anticipated going forward
  • What is driving the business needs today, and where do they see their needs changing over the next five years
  • What is driving their employee recruitment and retention strategies, and how does mobility fit into those strategies
  • If a mobility program currently exists, what areas are doing well, and where is there need to improve, either in customer service or cost.

Based on the information gathered and 30 + years of industry consulting experience, Oxxford will recommend options to best fit both the business and employee needs. Once approved, plain language documents are drafted and delivered to the client for use going forward.

Lastly, and most importantly, the program is monitored and results reviewed each year to insure continual improvement.